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Automotive Engineering

Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, our automotive products can offer your application an extremely wide range of possibilities. Built with emphasis on terrain handling, carrying capacity, ballistic protection, endurance and safety, they are fully customizable because of their modular construction. Their safety is guaranteed by our proven blast & ballistic protection solutions and their reliability has been proven by extensive real-world testing. We also offer custom automotive solutions which are based on commercially available platforms from well-known manufacturers.


Blast & Ballistic Protection

To ensure the success of your mission when life is at stake, you need protection that leaves nothing to be desired. Our in-house developed and validated composite armor solutions conform up to Level 4 of the STANAG 4569 AEP-55 standard. This fact guarantees the safety of your personnel even when they are faced against calibers of up to 14.5x114mm. We also offer custom composite ballistic material development services that build on the foundations of our computational and experimental studies.


Radar Systems

Whether you require to detect human presence and its location through walls or to alert your personnel to unwanted perimeter intrusions, our RADAR solutions have you covered. Basing our architectures on software-defined and modular design principles, we are proud to offer you the smallest through-wall motion detection radars on the market without compromising on their performance. Our radars take advantage of our progress in ultra-wideband antennas and find their use in law enforcement, special forces, emergency response, and many other fields. For more information regarding our radar product range, feel free to contact us.


Radio Communications

Considerable number of missions rely on obtaining a secure way to transmit information from one point to another. We have experience with the development of UAV control and telemetry links, video transmitters and various application specific secure data modems. Since most of our solutions find their use in space-constrained applications, one of our main design considerations is always the size to performance ratio. Whether you need to securely transfer Full HD video in NLOS (non-line-of-sight) conditions, control UAVs over great distance, or deploy microminiature data transceivers.


Unmanned Systems

Utilized in the proper ways, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be one of the most versatile tools in your toolbox. Acknowledging that the UAV is only as useful as the equipment it carries, we offer many different types of payloads fully customizable to your exact needs. From day/night cameras with high-powered zoom capabilities stabilized by our own 3-axis digital gimbal technology all the way up to LIDAR, RADAR, thermal and hyperspectral imaging solutions. Powered by our proprietary encrypted communication links, antennas, platform management systems and ground control station solutions. Tailor-made for your surveillance, mapping, signal intelligence, transport and emergency response applications.


Electronic Warfare

To protect you against threats based on electronic systems, we combine the best of our research in microwave generators, antenna design and digital signal processing. We specialize in the development of portable, mobile and fixed IEMI (Intentional Electromagnetic Interference) systems. Our solutions offer application-specific directional narrow-band and wide-band operation disruption capabilities. At the other end of the spectrum, to mitigate the risk of IEMI to our own products, we also conduct research on protection against these types of threats.


Prototyping & Manufacturing

Getting from an idea to a production-ready prototype as fast as possible is our priority. To aid us in this goal, we strive to have as much on-site equipment at our immediate disposal as possible. Our facilities contain a RF electronics lab, a mechatronics integration lab and a mechanical manufacturing workshop with a dedicated large-scale surface treatment plant. We offer mass production and small series production services for all our products and solutions.


Specialized Equipment

Our R&D teams are full of qualified and passionate personnel whose capabilities are not limited to the aforementioned fields. We invite you to contact us even if your assignment does not fall under any of the advertised categories. Cutting-edge R&D in mixed-signal hardware, software, signal processing, antenna design, embedded systems and mechanical engineering comes second nature to us.

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