Slide 1 - WOLF

Armored Vehicle


Accelerate your mission with a 130 km/h top speed and full-body armored protection.

Slide 2 - HRON

Armored Vehicle


When maximum carrying capacity and the highest levels of protection are of priority.

Slide4 - RADAR



Providing a 15m through-wall sensing range while only weighing 73 grams.

Slide 3 - FRONTIER



Combining a 50 minute flight time with a 50km data link and control range.

Vision for your mission

We aim to provide solutions that offer inventive,
open-minded takes on the accepted industry norms.


Armored Vehicles

Let your mission get carried by HRON & WOLF, our latest achievements in armored vehicle design. They provide you with a wide range of options and the most powerful engines and largest payload capacities in their classes.


Electronic Systems

Purpose-built electronic equipment lies at core of our company.
Our solutions allow you accomplish tasks that would not be possible with commercially available technologies. Take a look at our public projects.


Research & Development

Our R&D is focused on multiple fields, notably electrical, software, mechanical and materials engineering. We believe that our R&D teams can bring you one step closer to the success of your mission. Get a closer look at our capabilities.

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DefTech a.s.
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Contact Information

Phone: +421 48 2297 701
Fax: +421 48 2297 712
E-mail:  [email protected]

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